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About Lynne

About Lynne
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Lynne Harty is a collaborator by nature. Having worked with some especially creative art directors, ad execs, marketing people, designers and stylists, she can tell you that there’s nothing more exciting than that “Aha!” moment that happens when people get together on a project and things begin to click – that spontaneous moment when you’re trying for one thing but something better gets in the way. Lynne loves photographing people, products and places, and brings boundless energy to her projects. Her quirky point of view comes in handy when photographing the ordinary, and her friendly southern demeanor puts people at ease right away. Even the shyest folk come away from a portrait shoot with Lynne saying “Thanks for making that painless.” And as Lynne’s been known to say, “After all, a portrait shoot is not a trip to the dentist. It might even wind up being fun.”

Being an artist first and foremost, Lynne employs the same creativity to her commissions that she uses to make her artwork. Combine that with a strong commitment to professionalism in timeliness, dependability, quick turnaround, and thorough follow up after a shoot, and you have an ideal working relationship. Lynne can handle your needs from start to finish including lining up locations, prop and food stylists, hair and makeup stylists, food service and of course all photography needs, either in her daylight filled studio in downtown Asheville or on location. Commercially, Lynne shoots regularly for Lark Books, the Biltmore Estate, Asheville Citizen Times, Rancho La Puerta, and others.

In addition to shooting commercial jobs, Lynne shows her personal artwork in her studio in downtown Asheville, NC, and she teaches workshops regularly at the world renowned Rancho La Puerta in Tecate, Mexico. Lynne is available for private consultations as well.

Commercial Clients:

“Lynne is an amazing, world-class artist. Working with her was effortless and the session couldn’t have gone better. The ideas just kept flowing, and we wound up with a CD cover and a batch of great publicity photos.”

Jay Sanders, Acoustic Syndicate

“Whenever I work with a photographer, I always leave room in the process for “serendipity” to show itself. I assume most photographers I call in can shoot whatever I have described conceptually, but what’s great is when they shoot something beyond my description, that makes the idea that much better. Lynne brings this kind of attitude along on every shoot.”

Russell Shuler, Brainhooks

“No matter whether it is the human form, a building or a mountaintop, Lynne reaches through the surface of her subject and exposes its essence, bestowing it with her own dynamic vision. The end result is, always, something beautiful, joyful and real.”

Karen Deans, Woodentiles.com

Lynne Harty did a great job in asking us questions in order to determine what our individual hotels were trying to communicate visually through her photography.  Her professionalism and talent made it very easy to rely our level of products to the marketplace.”

Tim Rice, President – Mountaintop Management


“Lynne brings a creative side to her photography I need for my books. I have confidence I can go in to a shoot with Lynne and she will find the shots and style we need for the direction of my project. I particularly appreciate Lynne’s use of natural light.”

Kathy Holmes, Lark Books

Students:“The great thing about Lynne is that not only is she a great communicator about how to take better photographs, but she is a great photographer. We were so impressed with her workshops that we hired her to take portrait photographs of us, and they are the best we have ever seen. She obviously practises what she teaches.”

Sarah and Alfred Moran

Houston, Texas

“Lynne Harty speaks from the heart and soul about the creative process, the journey, not just the output.  Her medium is the camera and dark room and her work is unique and expressive, but her gift is in inspiring the listener to embrace the visual world and seek beauty as they see it without limitations.  I have been to many photography workshops and Lynne has utilized the most holistic approach in energizing her audience with a mix of her own experiences and the work of a diverse set of amateur and professional photographers.  She provides the technical support to take the photo, but most importantly the desire to create art.”

Margaret Barrett Theobald

“Lynne’s workshops are practical and accessible, whether you’ve just unwrapped your first point-and-shoot (like me), or you’re a seasoned hobbyist (there were plenty of those in attendance, and they had detailed technical questions answered).  Her warmth and stories make a complex and intense subject approachable, with simple but powerful tips that’ll save hours of trial and error.”

Katherine Griffin, Griffin Enterprises, LLC

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