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Recently I’ve been working on stop motion videos, my new love. I think that you can create such great energy with this medium if you combine beautiful still images with the right music, in just the right order. Below I have a music video for the Crash Test Dummies, a promotional video for the very amazing Rancho La Puerta spa in Mexico, a dog-centric video for the Battery Park Book Exchange, a fun quick paced promotional video for the Grove Arcade in Asheville, and an Asheville-centric music video featuring Asheville’s Ol Hoopty and my favorite watering hole, 5 Walnut Wine Bar. My most recent was created for one of Asheville’s most talented fashion designers, Brooke Priddy of Ship to Shore.  I hope you’ll enjoy these and see the potential for all kinds of marketing projects.

There is a place for moving video as well, of course.  I created this video for “Ocean Soul” for musician David Wilcox. A little Valentines Day special…